Monday, December 7, 2009

"Loving Moments with My (grown-up) Kids

This is the concluding chapter of my "Loving Moments with My Kids" blog, specially created for the INFOCOMM123 "New Media Challenge".

The photos in this blog are no longer those of the new-born babies and toddlers.

My daughter was 11-years-old and my son 7-years-old when the photos in this blog were taken. They were older kids, not young kids...but still kids....hahaha, have to state this so that I would not be disqualified ; )

As for "loving moments", I believe that love is ageless. It does not have a time-frame or age limit. It is age-blind. We have loving moments, benevolence to share with everyone, regardless of age or who they are. They could be our family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and everyone with whom we have the affinity to meet in our life.

We love babies..we love our elders too!

Loving moments are happy moments to cherish and reminisce as time passes by. Keep the happy memories and quickly forget the unhappy ones. Human brains are too small with limited space to store garbage and junk stuff. We need more brain space to store happy moments and happy memories. Just like the storage space on our computers, we need to constantly defrag our brains to remove unwanted stuff to make space for those which we want to keep for a lifetime...and we only live once. Not twice as advertised in the James Bond 1967 thriller, "You Only Live Twice". And I am not talking about reincarnation...that is a different theory altogether.

Enough of rambling. I remembered I mentioned that this is supposed to be a blog of few words...and I have written too much already!

Here goes: