Saturday, December 5, 2009

Loving Moments With My Kids

May whispering to Mum...a "loving moment"!

How do we define "loving moments"?

This poser is as perplexing and challenging as the theme for INFOCOMM123's "Loving Moments With My Kids" New Media Challenge.

I believe most participants would like to have a guideline and definition of "loving moments" to help them in the selection of the appropriate content materials, photos and video clips.

At what stage of the child's development during their formative years would the parents be able to "capture" memories of these "loving moments". Would there be a photo or video clip taken when these "loving moments" occur?

Was it the first time you hold your child in your arms, and felt a lump in your throat when looking at the baby, and the emotional surge of happiness which made the tears of joy flow from your eyes?

The first time your child calls you "Papa" or "Mama"...these are loving moments.

But you may not have a camera, video or voice-recorder ready to take a photo or record the video/voice as it happens.

As the parents spend time with their children on a daily basis, there are countless "loving moments" which just slipped away from the memories without any written or photographic records as time passed. You could not possibly have a media recording of every "loving moment" with your kids.

Unless we can "freeze the moments" as the feelings arose, the only way is by recollection as we flip through the old albums, looking back at these "loving moments" photos taken during those special moments and occasions.

I guess there is no criterion or standard definition of "loving moments". It is for the individual parent to interprete "loving moment" the way he/she feels and experience it.

This is a blog of few words. The blog content will display mostly photos and simple captions of the loving moments with my kids. The photos are not posted in any chronological order though.

Many loving moments were missed and unrecorded on photo or video but they are cherished as happy memories forever in our life, nonetheless.

Unlike movies, the "loving moments" with kids come spontaneously as a surprise. They cannot be acted or directed from scripts or filmed. They do not need a cue or oral instructions to express their love. Kids have a natural flair to show love and joy to their parents through these simple, sudden "loving moments" - unreserved, unrehearsed, untaught. Its like a special kind of communion between parent and child.

Parents should treasure these rare, sweet and tender "loving moments" in life when the parents can give all their time, undivided attention and affection to the kids; and the kids can give all their time, undivided attention and affection to their parents, to spend time together, to cherish and enjoy these unforgettable "loving moments".

These are the stuff that happy memories are made of.

Both parents and kids would have too little time to spend together once the kids are grown up, became independent and moving on their own steam and personal freedom. They would be too busy with their studies, ECA, school projects, tuition, music lessons, ballet classes and what have you.

Seize every precious "loving moments" whenever you can!